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Final Days To See

Plum Gallery

4 Jun 2024

Can you remember what August feels like?

Carol is a self-taught artist driven to follow a passion to create an escape, a moment in time that allows the viewer to take a breath...

The art she creates is a snapshot, an image captured within her, shared in oil on canvas so that you too can remember what August feels like?

This is Carols first exhibition displaying her oil painted landscapes. With her love for vibrant blues and greens you can immerse yourself in her cherished memories and experience the tranquility of oceans and rolling hills.

We are open between 10-4pm till friday, upon which we will be saying goodbye to Carols work, we had a lovely time working with her.

Hurry and get down to see her work before its too late!

Contact Plum gallery for any information regarding exhibiting.


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